Baccarat Article on Don Tigert/Gaming Times News

Dated January 2nd 2011:  Part 3 of 3 Interview

Interview by: Michelle Brown


Michelle: I know you have written more than one book on Baccarat

do you plan on writing any more in the near future?


Don Tigert: I have written 2 books on Baccarat and have sold over

Thousands of copies of one book "Baccarat Wealth" and the second is

more about the "Rules of Baccarat" book and it has sold Thousands of

copies. I have one of the best reputations on the Net but I am not without my

critics, when you right a book, who is without their critics?, it goes with the

territory. A few years back when I was fed up with buying "Systems" and

and fed up with "Systems Sellers" I actually challenged each of the top 10

"Authors/System Sellers" on the Net to show "Proof of Winnings"  from

a Major Casino and might I say that created a fire storm among the "So Called"

Top Ten System Sellers.  All I did was politely ask each of the 10 to produce

just One Win/Loss Statement Document from a Major Casino. I believed

and still do that if you have something that you are selling touting that it

works and wins consistently then that should mean You, the Seller, are playing

what your selling, right? To obtain a Win/Loss Statement from a Casino is

easy to do. You go into the Casino that you have played and go to the

credit department, produce ID and ask for them to give you a Win/Loss

Statement, signed, dated, on the Casino's letterhead. Simple, not hard

at all to produce (if your truly winning). I further stated to each that I

understand that these documents are private financial documents and

that I am not expecting for you to turn all your Win/Loss Statements

over but just produce "One Win Loss Document" , just one, and for

every one you produce I will produce "Two" of mine. Seems like a fair

deal to me. But I had one more request which was I don't want to see

a statement that shows you won a few hundred dollars, No, I want to

see a Win/Loss Statement that shows you have won at least a few

Thousand Dollars. To me, showing "Proof Of Winnings" from major

Casinos speaks volumes and tells the whole story, plus that's solid

credibility and to this day I am willing to produce 2 of mine for every

1 Win/Loss Statement of your's, again very fair and a very valid request.

But, I said that created a fire storm when I challenged the top 10 "System

Sellers to show proof of winnings, and it did create a fire storm with them.

I had 5 of the 10 go on to a Gambling Chats/Forums and trash me calling

me every name in the book but they still somehow forgot to bring up that

they did not produce one, not one Win/Loss Statement from a Casino.

Not one of the 10 produced a Win/Loss Statement. Enough said.

To this day I still have one of the best reputations as an Author/Teacher.

As I mentioned I have sold Thousands of books and hundreds of Students

that have taken my Seminar and you will be hard pressed to find 5 negative

or quote "Rip Off"  remarks about me on a Google Search

or on the Chat/Blog Forums and we have pin pointed that 4 of the

5 negative remarks trashing me are 5 of the 10 "System Sellers" that

I exposed. Also beware of the Gamblers Chats/Forums.  I do not even

go on Gamblers Chats or Forums simply because I have seen over

the years that #1, it's the same old people on the chats with nothing

new.  #2, and worse it's a platform that "System Sellers"use to Trash

you and tout their latest Book or System. So beware of the gambler

chats as being gospel. I have found them to be unreliable.  I could

easily have many of my Students flood the Gamblers Forums with

Positive comments on me but I don't operate that way and most

people that dial into those Chats and Forums know that it's mostly

System Sellers Touting and Trashing. I have many many Hundreds

of positive remarks and I always have many many references to give

to any new Student wanting to learn how to play Baccarat and I will

produce Win/Loss Statements from Major Casinos if asked or

challenged. I Train You the way I wanted to be Trained 17 years ago

and sadly couldn't find one to train me one on one then go to the

tables and play together. It's really a great, complete Training.


Michelle: We did our own search on you before this interview

and as a person that has sold as many books and taught as many

people as you have your positives are high and negatives are very

very low, as you say we were hard pressed to find 4 negative remarks

about you and 2 of those were duplicates, that's pretty impressive.

We want to give you a plug and tell our readers you can be found

at and we wish you the best



Don Tigert: Thank you for the plug and as I said I am proud of my

reputation and my references. And, my Win/Loss Statements speak

for themselves.


Michelle: We want to thank you for taking time out of your afternoon

to set down with us and be interviewed. It speaks volumes of your

character and position in the World of Baccarat.


Don Tigert: Thank you Michelle. I look forward to meeting again.


Interview Date 01/02/2011