Baccarat Article on Don Tigert /Gaming Times News

 Dated January 2nd 2011:  Part 2 of 3 Interview

 Interview by: Michelle Brown


Michelle: Amazing. I can tell you have a wealth of knowledge of Baccarat

and all of it's workings. I now understand what you mean when you say

Systems don't work but what do you mean by Pattern Recognition?


Don Tigert: Many Baccarat players use "Pattern Recognition" to try to beat

Baccarat however "Pattern Recognition" is in and of itself a "System" and

you know how I feel about systems. Pattern Recognition is looking for

and spotting a "Pattern" and believing that it will repeat. The problem with

that thinking is this, for the most part once you spot or recognize an

overwhelming Pattern, It's over. Are there exceptions? Yes, but here's the

facts, a Pattern will repeat only half the time (50% of the time). You can

not make "Consistent Money" on something that repeats only half the time

because obviously the flip side of that is "It Doesn't Repeat" the other half of

the time. Does that make sense? Pattern Recognition was one of the first

"Systems" I learned 17 years ago and I could never get it to win consistently.

Consistently is the Key.


Michelle: Very very interesting and enlightening.  I want to ask you about your

One on One Training that I have heard so much about. I know you are one of the

only Authors in America that will sit down and teach your Students "One on One",

then after teaching the Student one on one you go with the Student to the Casino

and you play together. I have to say that is impressive and very gutsy but more

so very creditable because you will find various Authors selling "How to Books" on

Baccarat but none that will actually meet you face to face and teach "One on

One" and then go to the Casino tables and play. Very Impressive.


Don Tigert: I have been teaching people One on One for over 6 years and

the response has been amazing.  Before taking the training you have to

sign a "Non compete, Non disclosure " you will learn and hear things you

have never heard before. And I will say "I Play what I Preach". I must also

say 99 percent of all the people that I have have trained appreciate the

Training.  And many of my students have become friends, some close

friends. Also my support is like no other.  I give my travel schedule to all my

trainees and I give unlimited email and phone support which is something

else that no Author does. I am of the Mind that no one person has all the

answers and believe me I have evolved and evolved with my R&D and

knowledge of Baccarat. I too have gotten better and better and better. I will

admit some of my early theories about how to beat Baccarat were pretty rough

and needed some of the points sharpened but I believe that is the same evolution

that occurs when researching anything, you learn more, you research more and

you learn more. If one is persistent at what ever he/she is researching you

gain knowledge, wisdom, and hopefully success. I will say when it comes to

Baccarat I have enough of the answers to make you a successful player but

having said that, one of the reasons I continue to train people in this country

and around the world is, I have had the opportunity to meet some of the

smartest, brightest, intellectual people where without Baccarat I would

never have met. I have trained, as you mentioned, Celebrities and High profile

People and in that mix I have met and trained some of the smartest and

brightest people on the planet, I have trained Professional Businessmen/ women,

I have even trained 2 Physicists one an actual "Rocket Scientist" talk about fun,

that's fun interacting and teaching a "Rocket Scientist." But the point is by

teaching my Baccarat Method to great minds it creates a worldwide "Think Tank."

I provoke my Students to take what I have taught you, play it, research it, look

at it through your eyes and hopefully you will see something new and come back

and feed me. And it has already happened more than once. It's amazing having a

worldwide "Think Tank", I love that concept. No one person has all the answers

but collectively together with great minds working in the same direction

"Breakthroughs Happen"  I have seen many examples of that in my own

personal life and business career. I tell my Students you are going to learn

things you never knew and your are going to experience winning at a level

that you've never experienced and that alone provokes an alliance with the

Student to research on their own and to come back and share any new, different

or creative approaches.


Michelle: It's my job to push and pry for information can you give for

our readers just a small hint or tip why your Baccarat Method is so



Don Tigert: You are a good interviewer, you don't give up do you?

Well, I will tell you this, by fighting "Random with Random" I structure

my approach/method much like the Lottery, or Kino, even Bingo which

is a sister version of the Lottery.  I tell my students, with my Baccarat

Method  "We Become the Lottery and the Casino Becomes the Poor

Guy Buying the One Dollar Lotto Ticket".  I will preface that statement

by saying "I do not propose to say with my Method you will have

Lottery Odds", No, but I will say what I have created with my Method is

"Miniature Lottery Odds".


Michelle:  I have heard from a Colleague that you have an Interview coming

in the April Issue of  Casino Player and/or one of the other Casino Trade

Publications stating that you are a Top level Player and that you get paid a

lot of money to teach your secrets to High Profile people and Celebrities and

how to be successful playing Baccarat.  Are you afraid of being Banned at

some point? And can you name any Celebrities that you have trained.


Don Tigert: Yes I have an interviews coming in 2 of the main Gaming Trade

Publications in April and another in May of this year. And as for naming

some of the High Profile people and Celebrities a few have allowed me

to mention their names and a few have not so I respect their wish. In my

One on One training, if you were to take the training, I reveal a couple

Celebs names and you would know each of them. As for being afraid

of being banned? The Key to not getting banned or to keep from being

placed on the "Griffin List" is to "Not Hit Any One Casino hard", Period.

It is no surprise that the Casinos do not want you to win and will not put

up with you hitting them hard and if you continue doing it you will be

asked to leave or worse banned and placed on the "Griffin List" which

is a list of Card Counters, Cheats or someone that is considered an

"Advantaged Player".  Again, "The Key" is do not out stay your welcome

and do not hit any one Casino or Casino group hard. Greed is good  to

a point but not knowing where the line is has killed many a good thing.