Baccarat Article on Don Tigert

Dated January 2nd 2011:

Interview by: Michelle Brown


Interview with Don Tigert Baccarat Professional Author/Teacher

By Michelle Brown Assistant Editor Gaming Times News


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Don Tigert: If anything it's my approach that's different from other Baccarat

Players.  To begin with I am a research fanatic it's just the way I'm wired.

I'm also a creator/inventor. Before my Baccarat life I was very successful

inventing/marketing products. I have products that I have created and

patented, some of my products have Grossed Millions and Multi Millions

of Dollars. 2 of my Designs have been on the shelves of Walmart for over 20

years and still on the shelves and have become staple items today. It's an

amazing feeling to create something and it have worldwide appeal and get

paid to do it.  Some of the products that I created and patented are Aquarium

related products.  I revolutionized the whole Aquarium industry 25 years

ago. 25 years ago the only Aquarium on the shelves were the rectangle glass

boxes, you've seen them, they are still on the selves today, but if you walk

the Pet Product Isles of Walmart, Kmart, Target, Petco etc you will see the smaller

1 and 2 gallon Hexagon Aquarium Aquariums.  I started all that 25 years ago.

I injection molded the tanks in Acrylic, packaged it complete with "Tank, Gravel,

Greenery, Air Hose, Pump",  everything complete in a 4 color box and sold it

for under 20 dollars. Now 25 years later due to inflation they sell for under 30 dollars

but still a viable "Staple Item" in the Retail Chains.  I first sold Millions of Dollars

by Mail Order then sold Multi Millions of Dollars of products to most of the major

retailers. I built a nice company over a 15 year period, I then received an offer to sell

the Company, Patents, Royalties etc. I took the offer. I was able to retire young,

relatively young. It was at that point of my life, (around the time I sold my company),

that I was also researching all the various Casino games. And through my research

I came upon this little known game called Baccarat which only has a little over 1%

house edge, 1.4% to be exact. arguably the "Best Odds" in the House.


Michelle: Wow!  You have had a very interesting and successful career creating

and inventing, that's amazing. So how did you switch from manufacturing Aquariums

to the Gaming industry?


Don Tigert: Well,  long story short. I mentioned I sold my Company, now over 17 years

ago. I built that Company starting when I was 20 years old, just a kid. I started

in my garage with an Idea.  I had 2 great mentors My Dad and My Brother In Law.

My Dad was a successful businessman, he was a Pharmacist and owned multiple

Pharmacies through out his career,  but it was my Brother In Law that was my

"Product Mentor"showing me that you can take an idea and follow through to creating a

Prototype then sourcing how to produce the product in mass quantity and equally

important how to successfully market the idea/product to the Mass Retailers like

Walmart, Target, etc. He was and still is a great inspiration today. But to answer your

question, how I switched from Manufacturing to Baccarat? After selling my Company,

actually about a year before I sold the Company I began researching ALL the table games

in the Casino.  During the 15 years building my Company I was consistently traveling and

exhibiting in many Trade Shows. By attending and exhibiting in the various industry

Trade Shows you get the exposure needed to sell your products and you get the

opportunity to meet all the main Retail Buyers with high hopes of selling them product(s)

and hopefully at some point receiving an order, which I was lucky enough and persistent

enough to do.  All the Major Trade shows in my Industry were in "Casino Towns"  Atlantic

City,  Las Vegas,  Bahamas, etc., all of which have Casinos of course.  We would find

ourselves at the end of a very boring Trade Show day wanting some action. Therefore we

spent many evenings at the Casino. I have never considered myself a "Gambler" and still

don't. I consider myself a "Calculated Risk Taker" Big difference in the two. Even years back,

when I didn't know what I was doing in a Casino, I would not use the mortgage money or

the grocery money to play. Gamblers will use the rent money hoping/gambling to turn it

into a larger sum and it rarely happens that way.  Being a "Calculated Risk Taker"

I would calculate what disposable money I could play with and not exceed that amount no matter

what, very important. Believe me having built more than one Successful Company from

"Scratch" I know the value of a dollar and how hard it is to "Make, Maintain and Manage"

money.   No matter if it's Business or Baccarat I research, research, and research, and

count the costs then factor in the "Risk Reward Ratio" before putting the hard earned out

on the Baccarat table.


Michelle: Sound like you  are not only Smart but also Wise.

You mentioned "Your Approach" to Baccarat.  How is it different from



Don Tigert: You have to pay me to tell you that, laughing,,,. Simply stated,

my Approach to Baccarat is "Systems Don't Work." Stay away from Systems.

Believe me in my years of research I have stacks of Books, Systems that I

have read and played. Anything on the topic of Baccarat I tried to get my hands

on to study and read. After selling my Company I took a year off and just played

and researched Baccarat. After 3 years of buying every Baccarat System(s)

and Baccarat Book on the market along with researching and playing I came

to the cold conclusion that "Systems Don't Work" and never will work

against a "True Random" 50/50 game.  No matter what it is Baccarat or

any other 50/50 game, you will not be successful long term if your using

a "System" to beat "Random".  It was at that point, 3 years into my research,

that I was going to either give it up trying to beat Baccarat or create a totally

different approach to attack the game Baccarat. I guess I'm lucky that it only

took me 3 years to figure out that systems don't work. 3 Years sounds like a

long time but I know people that have spent decades and others a life time

using systems to beat random and still not connecting the dots.  In short, not

to give out any "Big" secrets to my Method, but I will tell you I beat Baccarat

consistently by using "Random" not "Systems".   You know you have heard

the term "Fight Fire with Fire" well I "Fight Random with Random".

For Decades people have tried to beat Random "Systematically" or in other

words trying to beat Baccarat and other random games using Systems and

in the long run losing. Reason is, the definition of a "System" is "Doing

the Same Thing, The Same Way, The Same Time, Over and Over".

The best "System(s)" ever yielded me was 1 step forward 2 steps backward.

That is obviously "Ground Losing Ratios".  Systems when it pertains to

Baccarat is the preverbal "Four Letter Word".  I tout myself as the

"Anti System" Guy!  And that goes for Pattern Recognition also.

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