Dated January 2nd 2011:

Baccarat Article on Don Tigert/ Gaming Times News

Dated January 2nd 2011:  Part 1 of 3 Interview

Interview by: Michelle Brown

Gaming Times News

Baccarat Article on Don Tigert

Interview by: Michelle Brown


Interview with Don Tigert Baccarat Professional Author/Teacher

By Michelle Brown Assistant Editor Gaming Times News


Michelle: It's a pleasure to meet you Don. I have heard and seen a few articles on

you being the #1 Baccarat Player in the World and another article stating that

you also teach only "High Level" Players which includes some Celebrities.


Don Tigert: Thank you and pleasure meeting you. Thank you for the kudos

and compliments but I don't tout myself as being the #1 Baccarat Player in the

World, I will let others say that. However I will say I will put my 17 years of

researching Baccarat up against anyone in the World. And yes I teach

High Level Players and I have taught Celebrities but I don't limit teaching

only High level players and Celebs. I have taught a broad spectrum of

people how to become successful playing Baccarat.


Michelle: From what I have read, even the Top Baccarat Players say you

are the best. I have interviewed Michael Chen another High level

Baccarat player and he also echoes that you are the best why is that?